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UNITRADE Compromise

Group Owner/ModeratorJAD, Founder    Group Owner/ModeratorBaoneko, Moderator    Group Owner/ModeratorMatrix, Moderator   

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  • Lucent Freiman joined 28-Sep-2018
  • Akira T. Kusanagi joined 09-Mar-2018
  • NVX-148 joined 03-Dec-2017
  • StarWolff joined 22-Oct-2017
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UNITRADE is a Compromise organization which recognizes and provides intergalactic services for ships, stations and trading groups.

Current Happenings:

Trade of goods ectera between space stations, ports and organizations.

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NCSS:Veritas wins Best Small Cargo Ship Contest
by JAD posted 08-Mar-2018

Earlier today at the Araxes Freeport the NCSS:Veritas piloted by Delta Nova, CEO of Nova-Corp Industries, and commander of Mining Platform Nova. Five thousand standard credits were awarded for first prize.

Photo here

Event on: 19 January 2018 @ 08:00
by JAD posted 08-Dec-2017
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A gathering of celestial cartographers and creators of star charts in the interest of selling, trading and buying local and exotic star charts. Open to the public. Contact Trustee Cloudborn to acquire space to sell goods. Patrol Officers of the Intergalactic Patrol may be in attendance. To take place at Solaris Station at 13:00 hours.

Station Conference
Event on: 08 December 2017 @ 08:00
by JAD posted 26-Nov-2017
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A Unitrade sponsored gathering of station owners, managers and personell. To socialize and discuss tactics, alliances and station oriented business.

To take place at Station N9 this month.

Those for whom distance is a factor may utilize UNITRADE tele-presence com services.

Mu Draconis Conference
Event on: 01 December 2017 @ 08:00
by JAD posted 26-Nov-2017
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A conference to determine whether it is possible or desired to form a recognized trade group for Araxes and the nearby region ectera. Such Trade Groups allow for collective pooling of resources to afford large amounts of goods to be shipped to the region. The ability to transport and have 1 megaton of stock is required by Unitrade to be recognized as a trade group.

Conference to take place at Pelos Station.

Brief Discussion
Motion to the floor.

Cargo Cult
Event on: 22 December 2017 @ 08:00
by JAD posted 14-Nov-2017
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A monthly roleplay gathering of ship merchants, traders and freight haulers.
Five Areas (Show Floor // Trade Table // Hiring Table// Lounge)
New location and free crate to collect every month.

Araxes Starport 06

Unitrade Monthly
Event on: 29 December 2017 @ 08:00
by JAD posted 03-Nov-2017
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A gathering of ship captains, station managers and trade group representatives to discuss affairs and conduct Unitrade Compromise decisions.

This months meeting will take place on Pelos Station. This can be located in station/list.

Plan A
Host Speech / Tour 10 min
Introduction of New Attendees
Project Breifing

Please note any and all ideas brought forth and shared are considered to be valid.
There is no voting only adoption or withdrawal.
There is a zero tolerance policy to name calling or insulting of others.
Light RP with interspersed discussion of sl scripts, practices ectera.

Friday SL 1400 Meeting
Event on: 20 October 2017 @ 09:00
by JAD posted 13-Oct-2017
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Next weeks meeting will take place on a world chosen by Station Manager Brianna Van Hellermann. Those whom cannot make it are suggested to establish a commlink to participate or request the transcript afterwards. The next meeting place will be chosen by another participant at that time.

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