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List of operating active stations on Second Life participating in this.

Name Station N9
Type Large
Details Station Manager: (unrevealed)

A large commercial fueling and goods transfer hub serving the entire Baegal sector. Located in deep space it has no planetary or civilization support and relies on dealing with ships to maintain itself. It's full name at its creation was Astrafuel 12-N9/Z85 and was produced by what was then a thriving company. A hundred thousand years later it became neglected until the droids aboard reached full artificial intelligence maturity. Since that time the droids have called the station N9 and old spacers 12. The droids however do not care what you call their station... their primary goal is doing good business

Approach Protocol:
Open Comms Frequency 214.729 on approach and state your intentions.

Public Services:

Private Services:

Docking Requirements and capabiities:
Landing Deck for 100 large shuttles, ten docking arms for freighters, 4 repair cylinders for large ships. All ships required to undergo scan before docking. Weapons not allowed aboard station. Certain chemicals and goods not allowed aboard.

Station N9 exists in deep space on a major space lane in the Baegal sector (Region Xi'pin) and is known as Station 12 historically. Please request star charts.
Notes This is a fictional station which does not exist in Second Life.
Its interests however are rped and decided by a individual on second life who operates a droid character named #9
Availability Send Msg
Status Recognized
SL Landmark n/a

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